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    • Independent study is for a portion of a school year. Homeschool is for one or more complete school years.
    • No, students are eligible if they live in Tulare County or any adjacent county (Kern, Kings, Fresno, and Inyo).
    • During site based school closures, schools used a blended online learning techniques to support students' needs at home during the pandemic.  Independent study is typically used to support students for short durations, with frequent check-ins. Homeschool is for parents wanting a semester or more of at home instruction. It requires parents to work with the homeschool teacher to provide the student's instruction for grades k-8 (an online application is used for instruction for grades 9-12), periodic meetings, with work samples and logs being submitted monthly.
    • For students in the K-8 program, a parent or guardian will teach the child with the provided curriculum.  Additional support is provided as needed. 
    • For 9-12 students, a parent or guardian must ensure the student is completing the work assigned by their teachers via an online platform, but will not have to personally instruct them
    • Anyone can apply to attend homeschool; however, they must be able to work independently.  If they have an IEP, the team must agree that the program is an appropriate placement for all the child’s needs to be met. 
    • SCH is part of the accredited high school program and students will receive a diploma upon completing all requirements for the 9-12 program.