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About SCH

Summit Charter Homeschool

Summit Charter Homeschool K-12 is a free public charter school designed to assist families in homeschooling their children from K through 8th grade and offers a flexible 9-12 high school program.  We welcome the opportunity to support families with children in grades K through 12th grade with no cost to the family. Anyone in Tulare County or surrounding counties are eligible to apply!  Our program differs from other programs as we offer a variety of personal options for learning, site support and enrichment, and believe the world is our classroom!

We know that every child is unique and has many strengths.  Our belief is that all students can succeed but in “different ways and at different times”.  Our structure allows students to excel at their pace and take charge of their education!  Every family will work with a credentialed Educational Coordinator who will assist in designing a personalized educational program for each student.  Families will be provided the materials and resources to enhance and create a robust learning environment right from their home.  The parent and Educational Coordinator work closely together throughout the year to ensure the student is being supported at their developmental level needs.  High school students work directly with their Educational Coordinator through the educational process to prepare them for an independent successful future.   

Parents may choose to send their students (K-8) to enrichment classes held twice a week.  Science, art, STEM, and creative writing are just some of the classes being offered for SCH students.  Families may also choose to attend field trips that the Educational Coordinator plans monthly. High school students will be required to attend a weekly mandatory meeting to ensure their success.  High school students are able to attend tutoring, additional enrichment classes, science labs, writing support, and college classes.

We maintain a family friendly atmosphere and encourage parents who are considering homeschooling or high school independent study to contact our Educational Coordinators to answer any questions.  We look forward to hearing from you and want to support your child in reaching their full potential!